Vegan No-egg Egg, Crackd. Made Not Laid.

From apple sauce to aquafaba (the liquid leftover from cooked chickpeas) – there’s a long list of egg-alternatives that vegans turn to when baking or creating some of their favourite dishes. But, things in the kitchen just got a whole lot easier as from today (24 May) Crackd, ‘the no-egg egg’, is available in Morrisons supermarkets. 

Crackd -vegan egg substitute

The egg-citing announcement comes as 98% of non-vegans revealed they’d be open to trying the plant-based alternative, according to new research by The Vegan Society and Crackd*. 

While 51% said they’d use it to make scrambled-eggs, 47% would try an omelette, 42% would use it for pancakes, 37% would use it for fried rice, 31% would make Yorkshire puddings while 38% would like to give sweet treats, like brownies and cakes, a try. 

The outcome was even greater amongst vegans with 100% of survey respondents keen to give it a go. Interestingly, those who describe themselves as long-term vegans over-indexed as wanting to use Crackd for Yorkshire pudding and quiche or frittatas.
Perhaps surprisingly, as they’re often held up as the age group least likely to give veganism a go, those aged 55-64 had some of the highest figures for wanting to use Crackd. Fifty-eight percent would use it for scrambled eggs, compared to average of 51%, and 55% would use it for omelettes, compared to average of 46%.
With a tag line of “made, not laid”, Crackd is a pea-protein alternative to eggs which cooks like a beaten egg and has the same texture as an egg when it’s cooked. 

It lasts 7 days in the fridge when open and unopened it has around a 30-day shelf life. Each bottle contains 8 eggs. It’s also registered with The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark.
Reacting to the announcement, Rik Roberts from Crackd said: “We created Crackd because we could see that there was a gap in the market for a really easy-to-use plant-based egg alternative for vegans but it’s great to see that it’s also proving popular with non-vegans. For just £3.99 you can swap to a delicious no-egg alternative that is free from animal products.”

 Louisianna Waring, Insight and Commercial Policy Officer at The Vegan Society added: “It’s not surprising to see that so many vegans and non-vegans alike are desperate to get their hands on a bottle of Crackd. There’s no doubt that it is a highly versatile product that’ll make it even easier to make some of your favourite meals and desserts egg-free. From scrambled eggs to omelettes, with Crackd the possibilities are endless.”
Launched in November 2020, Crackd is currently stocked at M&S, Wholefoods and online at The Vegan Kind Supermarket but from today is available across more than 200 Morrisons stores and on the Morrisons website.  

 For lots of delicious and nutritious vegan recipes head to Recipes | The Vegan Society.



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