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Emunity. A Healthy & Refreshing Drink with Nettles. (Yes. Nettles!)

Normally I'd do my best to avoid nettles. I know I'm not alone to have been caught out by this prickly plants which can leave you with itchy bumps and spoil a nice walk. But then I learned about some of the health properties experts claim nettles can offer, and tried a refreshing tasty way to imbibe this amazing plant without the sting. Emunity  is the first detox health drink to harness the healing and immunity-boosting benefits of nettle and make it available in a ready to drink can.  The common stinging nettle is one of the most abundant weeds growing in the UK, and it has been used in traditional medicines and folk remedies for centuries.  As science has improved, we are now able to test these health claims.     Containing omega-3, essential amino acids, vitamins, and fibre, nettle apparently has the ability to help lower blood sugar levels, aid in lowering blood pressure, help fight the symptoms of hay fever, and boost your immune system.     Immunity  from UK-based Nasslo

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