Apres Ski Anytime with Spirit of Aloha 65

In my book any time is cocktail time but if you like to stay seasonal with your drinks you'll love the new winter themed label on the classic Spirit Of Aloha 65, the all natural, vegan liqueur conceived and created by British expat barman, Stephen Thorp, at his beach bar in Florida some thirty years ago.

About Spirit of Aloha 65

Spirit of Aloha 65 was launched in the UK last year.  The first homemade version of Spirit of Aloha was designed as a versatile, refreshing and reviving, lower ABV, vegan tipple to lure surfers into his beach bar.  Stephen’s homemade gift to the après-sea crowd became a ritual, a unique sundowner that put a smile on everyone’s face at the end of a long-day in the surf or soaking up the rays on the beach.  

Now the tipple is commercially available with a label featuring Lola surfing down the iconic blue bottle but with a flavour profile and ethos just as well suited to the slopes as the surf, Aloha 65 launches its winter label edition this year.


What’s in it?

Beautifully and naturally crafted, Aloha 65 has no added colourants.  It’s an all-natural, 27% ABV spirit or liqueur made from just six botanicals including pineapple, ginger, scotch bonnet chilli and nutmeg.  The fruit, spices and herbs are balanced beautifully to give it a sweet, and spicy and herbaceous flavour profile with a nice little chilli kick.  

 The Alohan spirit

‘Aloha’ isn’t just a friendly greeting, it’s a way of life.  It puts a smile on your face.  Alohans, as we like to call them, live each moment to the full and always bring their A-Game, but with respect for others and their environment.  Aloha 65 is a proud supported of Plastic Oceans UK and has also recently pledged its support to The Last Glaciers, a film directed by Craig Leeson, Director of “A Plastic Ocean”, that highlights the impact of Global Warming on our environment .  The beaches, the oceans and the mountains, are after all, an Alohan’s natural habitat.  

The Winter Edition

You may have already seen Lola surfing down Spirit of Aloha 65’s iconic blue bottle over the summer, but it turns out Lola also skis (wooden skis of course)!  So, La Folie Douce eat your heart out, with the launch of the winter label edition of its flagship Spirit of Aloha 65, start-up company, Big Wave Brands, is bringing the après ski to you this season with the perfect seasonal gift and centrepiece for your festive drinks cabinet.

If you’re concerned that you may not get to the piste this year or can’t wait to get there, then don’t worry, one sip of Spirit of Aloha 65 and you’ll be smiling contentedly in the winter sunshine up that mountain of your dreams.  You’ll practically be able to smell that Alpine woodsmoke drifting down the valley.  

How To Drink It


With its sweet and warming botanicals of pineapple, ginger and chilli at its heart, Spirit of Aloha 65 is the perfect autumn or winter tipple and hits the spot on a cosy evening in front of the fire served just on its own over ice, or instead of a gin and tonic as a long drink mixed with ginger ale or a seasonal tonic like Fever Tree’s Clementine tonic water.   

I made my own mix adding a tropical flavour fizz, sparkling water and fresh mint to a measure of Spirit of Aloha 65 which made for a very refreshing long fruity drink.

The Aloha Mac, a modern twist on the classic, Aloha 65 and Stone’s ginger wine also works a treat, but for the more adventurous who want to go a bit off piste, why not try making an Aloha Old Fashioned with Aloha 65 instead of half of the Bourbon or something really Christmassy, like the Aloha Velvet with Aloha 65, brandy, orange and lemon juice, sugar syrup and egg yolk. 

Finally, if you’re up for some mulling, surprise your friends and family by whacking some Aloha 65 in either red wine, cider or cloudy apple juice together with some cinnamon, star anise and cloves  - job done.

Canapes and Cheese Board


Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough, when it comes to your seasonal entertaining, Spirit of Aloha 65 has also got the canapes and cheese board covered. Their legendary  “Detonators”, scotch bonnet infused pineapple chunks, whilst controversial on pizza, offer the opportunity for mouth and eye-watering canape creations or just a spicy twist to that classic retro combo - pineapple and cheddar chunks on a cocktail stick. 

Plus, their sweet and spicy “Sun on a Beach” hot sauce - not quite chutney, not quite hot sauce - is a brilliant new dipping addition to your cheeseboard, spicy accompaniment to the family fondue, or something to cheer up those leftovers!


Christmas is such a great time to enjoy drinks with friends and family, and this year why not bring along a bottle of something different that will get you all in the festive mood. Or what about one of their dinky Aloha 65 miniatures, perfect for the Christmas crafter! Bringing a pop to home-made Christmas crackers, the wow factor to a stocking for your loved one, or the missing part to a home-made advent calendar, you might need to get your orders in early!




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