Jack Link's 100% Beef Bars. High protein, Low Cal , Gluten free & Tasty AF.

Ever come out of the gym starving and hunted through your bag for that nut and seed based "healthy" snack only to find a crumpled pack of crumbs? Or resorted to stuffing chocolate bars when that afternoon slump hits? Try something new - Jack Link's 100% beef bars.(AD)

Jack Link's Beef Bars

Sweet enough to beat those sugar cravings without the crash at just 6g of sugar per bar, packed with protein and low in cals at just 65 cals a portion, these are perfect to help you power through.

The original bars have enough smoke and spice to make them interesting but if you prefer more heat you can also get a sweet and hot version.

The beef bars are gluten free and don't need refrigerating so they are perfect for grabbing post gym, on your commute, while hiking or biking or even at home when that mid-afternoon slump strikes.

Pick them up in Asda, currently at £3 for 3 bars, and enjoy a soft and juicy meaty snack which helps keep the hunger pangs at bay and helps keep energy levels up.


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