Why Use A Water Filter?

Water filters have been around for quite some years but as people become more aware of how what we eat and drink can affect our health and wellbeing, it seems now an efficient filter might be a vital part of kit in everyone's kitchen.
ZeroWater 12 cup filter review

Apart from reducing limescale in your coffee machines and kettles and potentially improving the taste of your water in comparison to straight tap water, some water filters claim a number of benefits to health and the planet. There's an interesting article on the Robert Dyas website about how using a water filter can benefit people and the planet.

Not all filters are created equal however. We trialled the ZeroWater filter (AD, GIFTED) and found it was easy to use and very efficient at removing unwanted dissolved solids from water. We didn't try it but apparently if you pour red wine into the reservoir, pure filtered water comes out! (check out theYouTube video in this article if you don't believe me)

I use the ZeroWater filter for everything coffee related. The 12 cup is large enough to keep my coffee machine topped up multiple times and the filters last for a very long time! The water tester that is included is quick and easy to use, simply dipping into the water to get results so you know when your filter needs replacing or if you simply want to know what's coming out of the tap. You'll be surprised to find what's in tap water. Using unfiltered water in coffee often changes the taste of the coffee, so if you're a coffee snob like me, you'll take great pride in explaining to anyone you're making a cuppa for that you only use filtered water to get the best of your brew!

The official blurb:
"Zerowater reduces 99.6% of all total dissolved solids in your drinking water. It delivers the purest tasting water in minutes. ZeroWater removes much more from tap water than other leading filter brands in the UK. Zerowater removes 97% of lead, 96% of mercury, 95% of chlorine and even 97% of asbestos which is often displaced from old and ageing water pipes.

In-fact ZeroWater is so powerful that on average it removes 95% of all metals compared to 68% from Brita. Zerowater even removes 68% of all inorganics, whilst 33% is removed from Brita. 

ZeroWater gets better results due to a 5-stage filter. (most filters only have 2-stage). ZeroWater patented technology ensures that you can save money on buying bottled water and ensure your tap water is pure. 

The 12-Cup ZeroWater comes with a free TDS Reader (Total Dissolved Solids). Some areas of the UK have reading more than 300. When water is filtered through the ZeroWater filter it will score 0, meaning you can enjoy great tasting pure water at home."

We tested the 12 cup model (RRP £39.99) but there are a number of different sized ZeroWater filters including a very cute ZeroWater portable, a travel/sports cup with built in filter.

ZeroWater filter

Disclaimer: We received a ZeroWater12 cup filter free for the purpose of this honest review.


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