Eat Your Drink Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies

So let me get this right. You can now get Eat Your Drink alcoholic gummy vegan friendly) sweets which give you the same buzz as a trayful of shots? I mean, if you scoffed the lot which of course you wouldn't. Drink and eat alcoholic gummies responsibly guys. (AD)

Eat Your Drink gummies

Perfect for an unusual gift, the Eat Your Drink collection from innovative mixologists at Smith and Sinclair are beautifully packaged and nestle within a cool drawer-style inner revealed with a pull on a little ribbon loop.

They are almost too beautiful to unwrap and eat but after one bite of the first juicy and distinctly alcoholic gummy it was all I could do to hold back from eating them faster than a fresher does shots. (GIFTED)

You could use them to enhance your home made cocktails. You could share them with friends at a socially distanced barbecue. You could sit alone in slightly stinky pyjamas feeding them to yourself while sobbing over a rom-com. I opted for one of these choices. I won't reveal which one.

Whether your taste is like mine, leaning towards cocktail classics like Mojitos or Cosmos or you prefer a whiskey blend Eat Your Drink has a boxed collection for you. (£15 per box)

Eat Your Drink alcoholic sweets

I am particularly keen on the The LOVE Box which as well as having some cocktail gummies which particularly appeal to me, also has been raising funds for a famous London venue with strong and historic links to the LGBQT+ community with £3 from each box being donated.

Check this out for a bar-full of gummy fun from The Love Box

2 x Cosmopolitan garnished with Lime Sugar
2 x Berry Daiquiri garnished with Mixed Pepper Sugar
2 x Mandarin Spritz garnished with Orange Sugar 
2 x Tequila Sunrise garnished with Orange Sugar
2 x Passionfruit Mojito garnished with Passionfruit Sugar
Just Remember - eat five and you can't drive (each gummy is 5% ABV)

If you want to learn more about the Eat Your Drink collection and other fabulous offerings from Smith and Sinclair, head to the website or check them out on Insta.

whiskey alcoholic sweets


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