Balanced, Fresh Premium Diet Meals Delivered to You By Love Yourself.

There are loads of fresh food delivery services nowadays, especially in London but the premium calorie counted menus created by Head Chef Michal Snela for Love Yourself are so carefully and creatively made with seasonal and locally sourced produce that your office lunch will feel like a restaurant experience.(AD)

food from Love Yourself food delivery

Most of the balanced dishes from Love Yourself are either designed to eat cold or take just two minutes to cook in the microwave which means you can still discern the individual flavours of the meal.

With lunch choices like chicken tikka masala with brown rice, goji berries and cashew nuts, or roasted chicken breast with new potatoes and tzatziki or smoked paprika Spanish style mixed bean cassoulet Muriel from accounting is going to be green with envy as she compares her plastic pot of who knows what with your freshly cooked, healthy calorie counted meal.

Love Yourself Meals

Mid morning munchies? Afternoon slump? No worries about breaking your diet when you can quell the cravings with sweet potato hummus, mango and pineapple smoothie, chocolate brownie or a buckwheat and almond pancake with blueberries and cinnamon jam.

blueberry and banana smoothie with linseed

You can choose from as little as one day's worth of meals up to a Monday-Saturday weeks-worth of food, a week, four weeks or eight weeks at a time. All food boxes are freshly cooked and delivered each evening ready for the next day. You can buy as a one off or choose a subscription which can be changed or altered to suit your schedule. 

Choose your daily calorie count ranging from 1200 to 2500 calories and select menus from a choice including Keto, Halal, vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free. We tried out the Performance diet - ideal for those who actually go to the gym to work out regularly (Jake) and those who own lycra clothing but wear it to make more room for cake (me).

Turkey with quinoa and courgette

Properly ready to tackle your weight and/or fitness? You can scan each dish into the My Fitness Pal app to track calories, log activities, get support and motivation and learn about how to make healthier choices.

In conclusion, these carefully curated dishes are not just tarted up ready meals. They are fuss-free and fabulous meals for discerning foodies.

Disclaimer: We were gifted food from the Love Yourself Range for this review.


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