Anysharp Pro Knife Sharpener Review - An Easy Way To Sharpen Knives

They're in every household and essential to cooking daily. There are very few times I can think of cooking when I haven't used a sharp knife to chop, dice, (threaten family members) or slice something.

But I would put good money on saying most people don't know how to properly look after their knives.
Knives should be sharpened before every use so you get the best cut every time, but most (like myself previously) would simply wash and reuse.

As with most people, life is busy and I've never had time to sharpen knives like you see the chefs do on the TV, but have you ever tried to cut a bread roll with what you think is a sharp knife and have it ripped up into pieces that even the ducks might say no to?

To make more time for eating and spend less time on sharpening, I've been using the Any Sharp Pro (gifted). Not only is it quick but you don't have to be a competent chef to use it (handy for me).

The Anysharp Pro is the world’s best knife sharpener. It turns blunt knives to like new, super sharp, slicing machines. Simply put the device onto any solid work top and pull the level so it’s suction sticks it firm. Grab a knife and gently pull it through the blades 2-3 times and within seconds and you've got sharp knives ready to use.

I've been using it recently to make sushi with the family.

The Anysharp Pro is  used by many celebrity and professional chefs and is a staple in many homes. Save knives and reuse - Whether you’re slicing meat, dicing vegetables, carving the sunday roast, or chopping up some sushi, a sharp blade makes cutting effortless. AnySharp Pro restores a super sharp cutting edge to blunt knife blades that have dulled with use.

For those of you learning your way around the kitchen for the first time while in lockdown or if you have a friend that loves to cook, but you're never quite sure what to buy them, the Anysharp Pro is as essential as the knives in the kitchen.

The Anysharp Pro comes with 10 years warrants and comes in a range of colours so it can be matched to the decor of most kitchens. You can get them from Amazon and also all of the colours can be delivered with Prime! Check them our HERE.


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